3 tips for finding the perfect outfits for your session!

We’ve all been there – you book a session, you’re stoked, and then realize that you actually have to figure out what to wear. And now you’re asking yourself,  “How do we match without looking like a set of twins?” “What colors should I even wear?” “Do I go dressy, or casual?”. But don’t worry, I’ve got you! Below are a few of my favorite tips.

1- Coordinate, don’t match. Yes, there’s a difference!! Color coordinating allows for some separation between the two of you, and your outfits. For instance, if your fiance wants to wear a white shirt, I would recommend you pick one that’s a muted/neutral color. Think olive green, a cream, or a rust colored top. If you want to wear black jeans, put your love in some blue jeans or khaki colored pants. Do you have the perfect white dress picked out? A dusty, muted blue or charcoal colored button down would go great with that. If one of you wants to wear a pattern, the other will look best in a solid colored outfit. You want to be mindful that your clothing isn’t too busy, or it’ll distract from the photos themselves. And most importantly, the goal is to complement each other’s outfits. 

2- To go dressy or to go casual… the great debate. The biggest thing here is to think about your environment. If your session includes a hike, that dress that’s been sitting in your closet just waiting to be worn probably isn’t the best choice. If you want to be on the dressier side, you can never go wrong with a location like a beach, a big field, the top of a parking garage, or an art museum. (This is where the fun part comes in because we can plan an activity that marries a more formal look with nature together. Like a sunset and candlelit picnic). You have a little more room to play around if you’re more of a jeans and a going out top type of girl, because that looks good almost anywhere!

3- Pinterest! This will be your BEST friend. I will send a color palette once we’ve booked a session, BUT if you’re stuck on what colors to choose, or how to pick outfits that represent you and your love well, just check out pinterest. If you know what color you want to wear, even something as simple as brown, just search up “brown color palette”. You’d be surprised at how many options you’re given to choose from. If you’re not struggling with colors, but with outfits themselves, try being specific. “Coffee shop date outfits” or “couple’s casual date night outfits”. (Tiktok also has some super cute ideas for this as well!)

The biggest thing to remember, is that you want your session to feel true to you. Don’t feel like you have to push yourself out of your comfort zone, because chances are, you’ll be able to see that you’re not completely comfortable in the photos. You can also ALWAYS ask your photographer for their recommendations! Never be shy to send photos or videos of some ideas you may have, remember – we’re here to help!

You’ve got this. Happy outfit planning!!

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