Nyla: a morning to remember

As a photographer, you never quite know what you’re coming into the morning of a wedding. And this is a good thing. Each couple has so meticulously planned out their day from start to finish, so there are no two alike. 

Getting ready photos are some of my favorites to take, because I’m seeing such an intimate part of the day; the bride and her closest friends getting ready together like they used to as teenage girls after a sleepover, except this time it’s for one of the biggest days of her life. 

From the moment I walked into the home that Nyla was getting ready in, I knew it was going to be special. Balloons in different shades of pink and gold scattered the floor next to a life sized Dwane Johnson cut out with a hot pink boa around his neck. A rose gold plastic microphone sat on a side table. Gifts in pink bags with frilly wrapping paper overwhelmed the fireplace. And amongst it all, near a large set of glass doors sat Nyla, with a soft smile on her face, nursing a warm cup of tea. 

When I asked Nyla what shoes she was wearing, and she sheepishly pointed to the pink hiking sandals on the floor, my heart almost burst. “This is what it should be like” I thought to myself. “A day that reflects her in the truest sense, down to her favorite pink chacos”. 

The morning flowed seamlessly. I moved from room to room, with the sounds of fits of laughter helping me navigate around the big house. Photographing all of the bridesmaids getting ready together. Some do each other’s makeup, others help with hair as Nyla sneaks into a back room to have a moment to herself and do her own makeup. 

Then it was time to put on her dress – which fit perfectly by the way. As she looked at herself in the mirror, I could tell she knew she’d made the right choice. 12 dresses she tried on. 12. And yet this one was the first one she’d picked up. She knew it was the one, but made herself try on 11 more before going back to this one. Staying true to herself yet again, just like those baby pink Chacos.

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