Colorado springs couples photoshoot: parker and sheyenne

I had the privilege of spending a warm July morning running around downtown Colorado Springs with Parker and Sheyenne, and it could not have been more special. When choosing a location for their Colorado Springs photoshoot, Sheyenne asked if we could shoot downtown, since that’s where she and Parker spent a majority of their time together. I love a location that holds memories and meaning, so I couldn’t jump at the opportunity to photograph them in their favorite spots fast enough.

It was early in the day, which made for the perfect weather. The sun was bright, but not too hot, and as I trailed behind Parker and Sheyenne, camera in hand, I couldn’t help but notice that they walked in a steady rhythm, hand in hand, arms oscillating back and forth. Almost like a dance. It was clear that they’d made this little walk many times before. This was their happy place, where they found comfort and familiarity, both in the scenery and each other. 

Colorado Springs Couples Photoshoot

They took me to their favorite little coffee shop that sat on the corner of a park. The barista asked them if there was a special occasion, to which Sheyenne replied “It’s our anniversary.”, smiling at Parker as she said it. 

Once they got their coffees, they found a bench and settled in, sinking into each other. And again, I got the sense that they’d done this before. With fingers intertwined, they talked about their day and sipped on their coffee before deciding that they wanted to continue their morning stroll. We walked further down the street until we found a parking garage and piled into the elevator. As we rose to the rooftop, I realized that the two were still holding hands, almost unaware of their innate need to be in constant contact with each other. It became clear to me that being hand in hand was second nature to them. 

We soaked up the sun on the rooftop of the parking garage for sometime, before heading back to our respective locations. Parker and Sheyenne waved goodbye, and I watched as again, they reached for each other, before continuing their walk home. I took a deep breath, grateful that they’d allowed me to see such an intimate part of their relationship. “Yep,” I thought to myself while I shifted my car into gear, “This is why I do what I do.”

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